Monday, June 20, 2016

Statement of Purpose

I am starting this blog for a number of (mostly narcissistic) reasons. I will list some of them here:

(1) I make a lot of predictions about GOT. Some of them have proven correct, and some of them have been wrong (and the jury's still out on some). But only my friends know about my predictions. Therefore, when I want to take credit for accurate predictions, only like 10 or 15 people know that I made the predictions. I would prefer to have more people know when I have made amazing predictions. More people will also know about my bad predictions, but I don't think that will bother me.

(2) Even some of my friends deny that I have made my correct predictions. This occurs because we discuss GOT on Whatsapp, and I don't have all my past messages because I changed my phone and lost many old messages. This blog will allow me to more permanently record my analysis and predictions. That way, when my friends challenge me about whether I have said things in the past, I can send them links proving that they're wrong. 

(3) I am a member of multiple GOT whatsapp groups. One for books, another for the show. It gets confusing what I'm allowed to talk about in each group. Sometimes that's annoying. This blog is for me to say anything GOT-related - show, books, analysis, theories, predictions, etc. 

(4) I love GOT. Writing about it - I imagine - will be more enjoyable than other things I could (and probably would) do with the time.

I intend to follow up soon with an analysis of an issue from yesterday's episode (6:9).

Welcome, thanks for reading!

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